Reflection blog: Motorsports athletes conquering the business world

By Sicily Romano

My STORY: Motor Sports Athletes Conquering the Business World

When exploring what I wanted to write about I thought about the community I grew up in, which was the extreme sports community. I tried to tell the story of amazing athletes like people hadn’t heard before. I believe that many people think that athletes live off of their winnings and sponsorships but that’s not true for all athletes, it’s actually not true for most athletes.

My story encapsulates what these athletes do to have an income and how they have used the knowledge they have gained from the sports that athletes have competed in and the businesses they created from them. A significant part of making this story happen was securing an interview with high-profile athletes. I had hopes of interviewing five Motorsports athletes being Travis Pastrana, Andy Bell, Todd Romano, Roland Sands, and Robby Gordon, but as you could guess these athletes are extremely busy running the business and doing what they love, so I was only able to secure three interviews. I do have a conflict of interest with one of the athletes I interviewed being Mr. Romano Romano is my dad so I had to be objective with the interview I got from him, so it didn’t turn into a marketing story, which I think I did perfectly.

This story showed me that I need to take out the fluff and just get right to the point. Which can kinda be difficult? I have had minimal experience writing news articles and a lot of experience writing college essays which contain a lot of fluff usually. After finishing this article, I had to go through and take out almost 100 extra words.

While learning about these athletes, I learned about so many different types of business that I really never thought of before or even saw as options for me. The more I talked to them the more I not only saw other options of careers but a way to continue to enjoy what you love while making an income.