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Sicily Romano, 17 years old, Junior at the University of Utah, Strategic Communications Major

I’m currently a Junior at the University of Utah and will hopefully be graduating in the spring of 2020 with a degree in Strategic Communications . I have always had a high interest in sales and marketing and working in the strategic communications degree has just made me fall in love with it that much more. Before college I was a professional ski racer, I spent more time skiing than anything else which made me grow up in a very untraditional way. From skiing I got to travel and experience a lot of the world but with everything I gained I lost even more. I never got the normal high school experience, my friends were also my competition which made it difficult for all of us to get along and balancing school and my competition schedule was near impossible. So, come my senior year of high school I ultimately decided that ski racing was no longer for me and come January I would go to college to pursue my dreams of working in marketing. It was the best decision I ever made. Now in college I havent given up sports completely, I am on the U of Us club wake board team because I just couldn’t let the competitive side of me go. Being on the wake board team has helped me create so many amazing memories in college and meet so many unique people. I currently work full-time as a food runner at Ruth’s Chris steak house in Park City. though this isn’t the sales job I want it has taught me how to interact with any type of person and create an interpersonal conversation with every guest I meet.

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