Katherine Schumann



The idea for my story came to me when I was spending time at home visiting my brother after his torn ACL surgery. My brother is a professional Nordic combined athlete and I knew that with that connection I could get special access to his team of surgeons, coaches and teammates in order to write an in-depth story.

The biggest obstacles when writing my story was to keep it non-personal because I was writing about my brother. I really had to separate the way that I know he feels about his injury and stick to the facts and the interviews, challenging myself. When interviewing everyone it was easy to make sense of all the information into a story. They are all Stephen’s team of doctors and coaches and they all know the same story so all the information from the interviews was cohesive. The focus became on my brother’s recovery as an athlete and how it happens differently being a professional athlete and how it affects the athletes themselves.

The writing process was very straightforward there were clear guidelines to the assignment. The biggest struggle for me with writing is, I love to tell stories but putting them on paper with the correct grammar has always been hard for me. This process has taught me how to properly research and execute a story for publication and pushed me to learn AP style and better my writing. I’m surprised by how much I enjoyed the process of researching and writing this enterprise story and how much I learned.


2016 - 002 - Katherine Schumann - FinalKatherine Schumann grew up in Salt Lake City and attended East High School, home of her favorite kids’ movie “High School Musical.” Then she attended the college of her hometown, the University of Utah. While attending college she started as a business major and then found communication to be a better fit for her future.

Katherine enjoys communicating with people around her, including communicating through social media and creative ways. She used her creative abilities in her previous internships with Fuel Marketing and the Utah Sports Commission to create blog posts, social media posts, graphics and promotion. “Communicating in creative ways and creating content to get messages across has truly become my passion.”

In her free time, she spends time with her family and friends and enjoys all that the outdoors has to offer in Utah, including camping, hiking and skiing. Traveling for joy and for service Katherine spent a month in India and in Thailand on humanitarian trips with the programs Youthlinc and YMAD. She also spent a month abroad in Europe during the summer of 2017.

Katherine is looking to finish up her degree from the University of Utah Department of Communication and then getting a certificate from Parsons. Katherine is hopeful for what the future has to offer after college.