Reflection Blog: Laura Child

The “Me Too” movement and its impact on college campuses

As the Me Too social movement has become more prevalent in the last two years, I thought it would be a great topic to write my enterprise story on. I have become passionate about inequality issues surrounding women’s rights and wanted to learn more about how this movement has effecting women. Our enterprise story was supposed to be tied to the University of Utah so I thought that putting an emphasis on how sexual assault affected college campus’ would be my main focus. I hoped to provide a background on the movement and how it has affected universities and their safety protocols when dealing with sexual misconduct.

In order to find my story content, I wanted to provide on campus resources, statistics, and personal experiences. I was able to interview some of our campus advocates and understand some of their hopes as sexual assault counselors. By talking to them, I was also able to gain a better understanding about how we can prevent these assaults on campus. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to interview anyone that had had a personal experience to share with the story. I felt like this was going to be a stretch as this information is so sensitive. There were a lot of different angles I wanted to include within the story which helped shaped my story beginning with the history of the movement to how we can improve our own safety at universities.

As I wrote this story, I was surprised by some of the statistics I came across. It has become such a significant issue that is in constant need of safety improvements. I wish I was able to connect with more of the police force on campus and individuals who have gone through their own personal experiences. I felt like I was able to create an interesting, educational piece which has allowed me to be more educated on the issue.