Caroline J. Pastorius


Better safe than sorry: What to know before setting out


It was a long process of trial and error before I came to my final enterprise story topic. I wanted to write about something I was unfamiliar with, and something that had a lot of substance. Something that would guarantee a variety of sources, especially ones that could provide me with personal experiences. I settled on avalanche safety, since it is a relatable topic that significantly affects people in our area and also something I don’t know much about. In the end, I aimed to provide my audience with the most important points to remember for outdoor enthusiasts to assure safety.

To get a better grasp on this topic, I scoped out local outdoor recreation companies and asked if anyone was willing to answer questions revolving around outdoor recreation safety. To my surprise, I found the most fitting interviewees for my enterprise story. I made sure to ask questions in my interview that were based on what has personally worked for them to avoid accidents on the mountain. With the information I collected, I created a story made up of what I think were the most useful tips and tricks that I learned from them. Although all of this new information was overwhelming at times, I think I successfully honed in on the most important things to remember.


There is nothing quite as rewarding as playing a significant role in your community.

I had this mindset instilled in me as a child. I’ve always had a passion to benefit my community in any possible way, and from a young age I had a strong attraction and desire to be an active member of any organization I was a part of.

This mindset has stuck with me throughout my childhood and into adulthood. From it, I’ve learned great communication skills and developed prominent character and confidence in myself. I’ve also learned that practice makes perfect, which is why I continue to work on these skills at the University of Utah. I am a second-year student, studying Communication, Political Science, and Entrepreneurship. Although I love each of these subjects for different reasons, they’re all similar in the fact that they each function as a predominant facet of our community.

In a world where any ordinary person can make a significant impact on the community in which they reside with a little motivation and encouragement, I want to persuade them to understand the importance of doing so by being an example.