Lauren Hinkley


Salt Lake City’s juicing scene is on the rise


Holistic health and nutrition have been interests of mine for as long as I have been buying and cooking my own food. I believe that food is fuel and I have always made an effort to stay educated and well-informed so that I am able to power my body the most efficient and healthy way possible. I love cold-pressed juice and have experienced the benefits of it first-hand over the past year that I have worked at Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen, a local health food eatery that also produces and sells cold-pressed juice.

This story was an opportunity for me to further my knowledge on the craft, and also explore a niche of Salt Lake City that sincerely interests me. The goal of this story is to put these companies and others like them on the radar and show people what Salt Lake City has to offer in terms of wholesome local businesses.

I reached out to the owners of three local juiceries around Salt Lake to get together and talk about their businesses and all things juice. I got to chat, eat, drink and really take in the whole experience of each store. The conversations flowed more naturally than I ever expected. I knew I was going to have a difficult time not being able to include it all in my story. Narrowing down the information was by far the hardest part.

My experience at each store was also completely unique and I didn’t want to compare them to each other. Transitioning between each place in my story was challenging because I wanted to do it without mentioning them in terms of one being better than the other.

Telling this story improved my writing and interviewing skills and also furthered my knowledge of cold-pressed juicing. I hope that my reflection on my experiences with these local businesses will enlighten readers as well.


From the time I first started exploring and learning about marketing and advertising, I knew it would be the perfect career path for me. Marketing involves creative, visual, and social methods to communicate and persuade a population to buy or support a product or action. As someone who thinks and operates both logically and creatively, marketing engages and excites both sides of my brain, allowing me to utilize all of my strengths.

I believe the best marketing is done by people who feel a personal connection to the mission and identity of their company. Some things I am passionate about include sustainability, nutrition, and holistic living. I hope that one day I will work for a company that promotes similar values and interests to mine. I also strive to conduct marketing practices that are organic, sincere, and beneficial to my community and the clientele that it reaches.

I have gained experience in marketing through several internships in social media and public relations. Most of the work I do is digital content creation whether that be graphics, photography for social media, or blog posts. I pride myself on always creating visually stimulating, persuasive, and engaging content.

I am a lover of people, art and humanity. I always see the glass as half full and believe that a positive attitude can open infinite doors for a person, both professionally and in their own self-discovery. I strive to live a peaceful, healthy, and fulfilling life and I find my purpose in helping others do the same.