Emma Johnson


Traumatizing aftermath of active school shooter drills


For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a special connection to news. I grew up in a home where local and national happenings were a common topic of conversation. In the 6th grade I participated in a program called “Biztown,” a program created for students to help familiarize themselves with the professional workforce. In preparation we had to fill out a questionnaire explaining what we liked doing, our strengths, weaknesses etc.

At the age of 12 most of my friends wanted to be professional dancers, accountants like their fathers or interior designers, all I wanted to do was talk about the news. I finally made the connection that that I could make news my career and I’ve been working at it even since.

My mother always said “If you have a job you love you never work a day in your life.” I love being a journalist, its something I am passionate about and something that challenges me everyday. In Intro to News Writing this semester I was challenged by coming up with sources and topic ideas. I was able to improve my gathering skills and work on mastering my idea focus.

I was able to strengthen my overall writing and story developing this semester. Learning and developing skills that helped me come up with story ideas eased the stress of the class. Discovering some useful sties and places to go for ideas is a skill I have developed that will greatly help me throughout my journalistic career.


University of Utah communication and journalism student graduating in May. Working as an assignment desk editor at ABC4 News Utah. Lover of news writing. Dedicated news junkie. After graduation, I plan on staying at ABC4 and working toward my goal of becoming a multimedia journalist.