Salwa Ibrahim


Our campus, your safety, their services


As of lately, safety on campus has become one of the main topics here at the University of Utah. Being a university enrolling over 30,000 students and faculty, campus can feel a bit overwhelming at times. It is unfortunate that within my four years studying here, tragic events have occurred on campus. I wanted to research and write about our safety resources that we have on campus that ensure our well-being and feeling safe at all times. I had the opportunity to interview an on-campus police officer who provided me with all the information we need about safety. It was amazing how willing the officer was to answer any questions I had and he directed me to all the resources that we have access to. I was surprised and learned so much from him about all the help and tips the department provides to maintain a safe environment.

I interviewed in-person which allowed me to feel what the officer was saying rather than a phone call, this benefited my writing. I was able to craft more expression because of how passionate he is doing his job. We should all feel safe at all times, especially while we are all together in this learning environment. I was surprised to learn that all security are on-call all hours of the day, every day throughout the year. There are many resources on campus that can range from 24/7 safety escort security, rape advocates, mindfulness and covered therapy. We are lucky to have amazing resources, and I hope my article helps and informs you about our resources well.


Salwa Ibrahim is currently a senior attending the University of Utah. She is earning a bachelor of arts degree in Communication. As a student, she enrolled in CoOMM 1610- Intro to News Writing and gained first-hand experience in news writing and research. Salwa enjoys drawing, music, and the outdoors in her free time.