Jenna S. O’Dell


Tayler Lacey talks new EP and journey to being a musician


Live performances has always been my favorite way to listen to music. The combination of musicians’ energy, multiple musicians and instruments playing together and stage lighting, creates something so magical and captivating. Because I go to so many concerts, I’ve considered writing a music blog about my experiences. 

I’ve known Tayler Lacey for over a year. I’ve been to many of his shows and we’ve had many discussions about different ways for him to promote his music. When presented with this project I thought this would be a great way for me to get started on music writing and reviews and for him to get some exposure. 

Initially I was afraid that I wouldn’t have been able to complete this story. At the time he wasn’t performing as frequently as I had remembered. Fortunately there was one performance just a few days before the first deadline.

Lacey was a lot of fun to interview. Seeing Tayler perform was the first time I’ve been to an acoustic show in a few years. He was super eager to meet with me and talk to me about his new EP. He was happy to share information with me and was detailed about his songwriting process and story.


I am a University of Utah junior studying Strategic Communication. I’m originally from a small town in Connecticut where I received my Associate of Arts in Marketing and Sales from Northwestern Connecticut Community College. 

I’ve been involved in the performing arts since I was 4 years old, studying dance, music and theater and I had an internship opportunity working in the marketing department of The Warner Theatre in Torrington, Connecticut. With the performing arts being a big part of my life, I was inspired to work toward a career in the music industry.