Pamela Smith


New marketing strategies help a local business grow


Coming up with an idea for an enterprise story ideas was difficult. I had to think about the things I was interested in and if others would be interested in them as well. I finally settled on how local businesses are marketing themselves to stay competitive. I used businesses that I knew about and have frequently visited. Locating my sources was easy since I had been there before.

I found it difficult to set up interviews with all three of my originally planned sources and in the end I only interviewed one of the owners about her business, one of her customers, and an employee.

Speaking with the owner of this company gave me insight on how to take a small business and make it grow. When i had first talked to her about doing an interview she made it clear that I may not like the answers she gave me, but I proceeded with the interview anyway. I found it easy to connect with her and have a conversation openly and without feeling awkward. During the interview, there were no distractions and we were able to talk about the business and her personal life as if we had known each other for awhile.

After reading over my notes I had written, I tried to put them in a storyboard order so that I could show my audience about her marketing strategies and give insight on her business. I tried to incorporate quotes when necessary that really emphasized what she talked about.

Throughout the writing process I kept having to reword things and try to remember not to add my opinion into it. I learned that I am not the best journalistic writer because I do have a lot of opinions on things and it is difficult for me to not include them. Writing my whole enterprise story was a learning experience for me because I had to learn to write in AP, cite sources in-text, and not include my opinion.

Just remember that when you are writing, write about something that you find interesting and make sure to write it in a new perspective not written about before.


I am a junior at the University of Utah, getting my degree in strategic communication with an emphasis in marketing. I received my associate degree from Dixie State University in spring 2016 and then continued going for my bachelors for a couple more semesters. After deciding that Dixie was not the school for me I moved back to Salt Lake City. I took a year off to work and travel and then started at the U in fall 2018.

I love attending the University of Utah because of its diverse culture and its access to all the mountains. I am super passionate about any outdoor activity such as hiking, climbing, camping, and boating, just to name a few. Living so close to campus has helped me interact with the unique culture of campus and surrounding Salt Lake area and grow into a more open independent person.

I have been working for the U for about two years in facilities management. I started as an assistant buyer and recently took a job as an administrative assistant. I also work weekends for The 5K Color Run. With this job, I get to travel to various states inside the U.S. and help put this event on for thousands of people. Both of these jobs have given me experience with managing inventory, money, and people and given me the opportunity to go to school and travel.