Saige Hawkins


Millennials are complaining about low pay but favor perks over high compensation


After I read the syllabus for this news writing class, I was super intimidated. I had never written in a news format before, and the task of pitching, writing, and publishing a story of my own seemed very daunting. I attended Park City High School where the only format you are permitted to use throughout those four years is strictly MLA for all of your assignments. Learning AP style with all the abbreviations, dashes, and short sentences was all new to me and was definitely a challenge

When I began to think of ideas for my story I was right in the middle of my internship with Backcountry, which also happened to be my first time in a human resources role. I was loving it and immersed myself in all things HR. As someone who’s about to enter the adult world and get a 9-to-5 compensation, perks and benefits packages are fresh in my mind and my peers’. It only made sense to take my professional day-to-day and merge it with the perspective of an emerging young professional.

Finding sources for this was relatively easy since I was reporting directly to the manager of perks and benefits for Backcountry at my internship. This did end up making things more intimidating because I had to ask my boss in a formal interview how she felt about compensating for lower pay with flashy perks and how that was affecting my generation. She was very cool about it and it ended up being my best interview for this project.

Overall, this project has really helped me grow as a professional hoping to enter this sometimes complicated field known as human resources, and I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned from it to my own life as my job search begins. Incorporating multiple perspectives into one article is no easy task and I have a lot of respect for those who make it look easy every single day on the job.


Saige Hawkins is a senior at the University of Utah studying communication. She will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Summer 2019. She hopes to begin a career in human resources preferably with an entertainment or hospitality company.

Saige was a participant in the Disney College Program for the Spring advantage 2018 term (January-August) as a cashier for the busiest and most profitable restaurant at the Disneyland Resort. Once she graduates she plans to return to California as an HR professional for The Walt Disney Company.