Connor Wallace


Objective    I am seeking a job to gain experience in journalism as well as a great environment in order to hone my writing skills.


AAA Barricade
Laborer for traffic control, summer 2011
Supervisor:  Mario Tuttle, Maintainer for traffic control

Noodles & Company
Journey leader, cashier and customer service, December 2009-present
Supervisor:  Jessica Miner, Store manager

Principle Lawn Care
Lawn mower and general landscaping, summer of 2009.
Supervisor:  David Martineau, Owner and manager

Dollar Tree
Cashier and shelf stocker, November 2008-end of December 2008
Supervisor:  Gary, Store manager
Lindsey Burns, Assistant manager
Location:  5600 South Redwood Road, 801-969-9313

New Concept Furniture
Furniture mover and driver, April 2008-end of August 2008
Supervisor:  Richard Evans, Store manager/owner
Tony, Assistant manager
Location:  5400 South State Street, 801-268-2002

Interests    I enjoy engaging in a plethora of sports, but my favorite is rugby.  I’m playing rugby for the University of Utah at the moment.  I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends, as well as going to school.  I’m studying communications with an emphasis on journalism.  My dream is to one day be a sports broadcaster, specifically a broadcaster reporting on the U.S.A. Eagles, the country’s rugby team.

Education        Murray High School
Graduated in 2008

Salt Lake Community College
Attended concurrently in high school from 2006-2008
Graduated with Associate’s Degree of Science

University of Utah
Attended from 2008-present

References        Jessica Miner        801-359-8315 (work)

Mario Tuttle        801-897-0583 (home)

Scot Wells        801-359-8315 (home)


I am a fourth year student, and I’m still unsure of where I want to go.  When I first entered college studying communication was one of the last things I thought about doing.  I was sure that studying to become a physical therapist was my path; I was wrong.  After taking some of the prerequisites I realized that I didn’t have any passion for the track I was on.

Over the past three years there are only a few things that I am sure of:  I need money, my family and friends are always there for me and I love rugby.  I learned the value of hard work, camaraderie and the importance of being able to adjust to changes from rugby.

My dream job would be to have my own radio or television show where I could talk about sports.  Hopefully rugby will gain the notoriety that it deserves here in the U.S., because the idea of getting up and talking about rugby as a job drives me to make it my reality.

My path may have more twists and turns than I originally anticipated, but I’m excited in the direction I’m heading.