National poll reveals public’s preferable sources for news

Story by Shannon Hunter

Have new communication technologies, such as the Internet, made the world a better place? Recent reports show that most people, including almost half of nonusers, believe they have.
According to polls, 66 percent of Internet users and 49.3 percent of nonusers believe that new communication technologies have benefited the world.
More than half of the people polled also believe that stories are often inaccurate, with 63 percent of people preferring that their news does not come from a source with a political point of view.
“Reading news on the Internet is always a good way to kill time, but I usually only believe a story once I’ve seen it from multiple sources,” said Hannah Skarsten, a third-year student at the University of Utah.
Her father, Mike Skarsten, also said that the convenience of the new communication technologies does not out weigh his doubt that sources are offering non-biased news. However, he said he is thankful that he has multiple options to go to.
“It may be silly, but I rarely believe a story until I see it reported in a reputable newspaper, but the different technologies let me pick where I look for it,” said Matthew Yessick, a second-year student at the University of Utah.
Out of the people polled, 21 percent, the largest number of people, go to Google to search for news. The largest percentage of people who depend on broadcasts or reporting sources for their news is 13 percent, who go to CNN for their news.
While some people hesitate to believe what they read on the Internet, there is a dominant trend of people who turn to the web for news before reading or watching news from reporters.

The Changing of the Guard

The evolution of technology is changing the roles of journalism

Story by Elizabeth Briggs

As a cop mercilessly pepper sprays a peaceful protestor at the Occupy Wall Street movement, a passerby films what will soon become a YouTube phenomenon. Exposing how quickly a police officer overstepped his boundaries, an average person recorded a newsworthy video with a mediocre camera phone.

Today, not only do people want their news and want it fast, they also want to participate and report for the news. Martin Tolchin coined this new media trend as civilian journalism at the University of Utah’s 15th annual Siciliano Forum.

The colossal impact of new technology has left many to think that the future of journalism is dead. Despite the significant decrease of newspaper readership, Tolchin, drawing on experience as the founder of The Hill newspaper and Politico and over 40 years with the New York Times has an optimistic view about journalism’s fate.

In a time where print journalism is struggling to earn a profit, Tolchin keeps what some deem an eccentric outlook. He spoke about how before online media, mainstream print media was the gatekeeper of information, publishing only the things it reasoned newsworthy. Pronouncing the end of an era, Tolchin expressed an undeniable enthusiasm to the challenge online social media has incurred to this role of authority. Unlike twenty years ago, journalists now look to the Internet, in order to find leads from the common citizen.

Tolchin is a fan of the upcoming civilian journalism and likes how technological advancements have brought new opportunities. He added to this saying, “At each stage of technology, people can begin to deliver more information and access it easier. Until now, information has never been greater needed and essential to democracy.”

However, with the abundance of information and media, Tolchin mentioned how American’s attention has shifted from hard to sensational news, outlining how priorities have changed. In one of his very few discouraging remarks he said, “I think that if you surveyed, Americans would better identify a liquor company than a news organization.”  Cody Salrin, a student at Utah said, “ I think that even with the new wealth of information, people need to work harder to be informed.”

While it is great that social media has allowed people to express their opinions and expose political scandals, people have stopped checking credibility and rushed to conclusions based on illegitimate evidence.

Nick Dunn, the political reporter for the Daily Utah Chronicle, added to this conflict saying, “The fact that citizens cannot discern good journalism from bad journalism is one of the biggest problems with our society. It means that people do not know how to consume good information, which is important when going into the voting booth.”

So instead of succumbing to Kim Kardashian’s divorce drama this week, empower the mind with global information and the things that will actually affect America’s future. Make a difference in the voting booth by being an active and participatory citizen. Pay attention to the things happening in the world, partake in the news and make the decisions that count.

Should I Write Or Is It Wrong?

Story by Avery Mills

As a journalist, the question of ethics usually comes down to one simple question: “to publish or not to publish.”

This was the message that Jim Fisher, a professor in the University of Utah’s communication department, had for the Intro to News Writing class during a lecture on ethics Monday morning.

“Ethics is a decision making process that depends on circumstances,” Fisher said, adding that ethical choices can only be measured “against ourselves” and not a “law book or moral code.”

Amongst other things, Fisher talked about the journalists’ ethics code and told several stories about this time working at the Salt Lake Tribune, bringing some ‘real world’ experience into the classroom setting.

“The most important thing I took away is you have to cover all of your bases,” Megan Combe said after the lecture, “basically just make your ethical decisions using the ethical guideline.

As Fisher pointed out, these choices may not be as easy as people think. “When you are making a decision, it’s not between right or wrong, but several good choices,” Fisher said.

Kourtney Mather, in response to some of the more difficult scenarios presented by Fisher, said, “It’s not always easy to report certain stories. Sometimes you have to make a decision whether to protect someone or report the truth.”

A Panel Debate Defines the Change in Journalism

Story by Sarah Vaughn

Members of the panel at the Hinckley Institute Forum shared the stage in the Hinckley Caucus room at the University of Utah; discussing the issues of journalism and political reporting in the 21st century on Friday. Members of the panel were Matt Canham, a member of the Salt Lake Tribune’s Washington Bureau, where he has covered congress; Bush and Obama administration.  Also present was John Daley, a reporter for the Deseret News and KSL and a former social studies teacher. The final member of the panel was Susan Tolchin, a professor in the school of Public Policy at  George Mason University.
The panel discussed the state of political reporting and how it has significantly changed over the years.  Social media is the new concept that is being used as main source of communication, which has put damper on print media.
“ Traditional roles in new media has changed and has impacted journalism,” said Matt Canham.  He furthered discussed the lack of boundaries that is evident, between the media and personal lives of citizens. Tolchin sees political reporting in this era in a different light,
“ The state of political reporting is great,” said Tolchin. However, she discussed later on that the media reveals the horrible things of the government and some reporters are not checking the facts anymore.
“Loved the pointers they gave and made me want to read more print media. The panel motivated me in the selection in what I read and to be more informed about the government,” said Ashtin Miller, a political science student. The panel encouraged the audience to read more print media and get involved with the issues of journalism and politics.
People today rely more on social media to receive information and to express their thoughts on issues through sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Kylee Mecham, a senior at the University of Utah said, “I want to read more newspapers and be more informed. I rely too much on social media and especially Facebook.”

John Daley spoke on the worst of times and the best of times of journalism. Daley explained to the audience that there are fewer people in the newsroom, fewer people to report on issues, and go deeper into stories. However, the best of journalism now is more resources are available to get information and we can get information out faster to the audience. “I found Daley’s points on the times of journalism interesting and I didn’t know that print media was struggling in that way,” said Laura Qualey, a University of Utah student.

The panel left the audience pondering about the revolution of print media and the impact that social media is currently having on society. An society should not abandon the old for the new because both can co-exist.

The Hinckley Institute was established in 1956 through the Noble foundation and Robert H. Hinckley. It serves as a teaching for students for practical politics and to engage university students in the political process.

Beyond the Call of Duty

Two citizens help to apprehend suspects in attempted bank robbery

Story by Megan Combe

Two bank couriers are being hailed as heroes after they aided in the arrest of three suspects in a bank robbery. Dennis Boushie, of Festus, Mo., and Willie Moore, of St. Louis, Mo., went “beyond the call of duty,” said Capt. Ed Kemp of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department. “They acted more like police officers than private citizens or bank couriers.”

According to the police report, a man entered the Boatman’s Bank of Pevely, Mo., and demanded, “Give me the money or else!” After the suspect took off with the cash in hand, Boushie and Moore decided to take action. Boushie chased the suspect on foot, while Moore hopped in a bank van to pursue the getaway car.

When later asked why he persued the suspects without a second thought, Boushie answered that it was “just common sense.”

Boushie then helped police identify the vehicle, which was found after a police dispatch was put out. The suspects were traveling northbound on I-55 when police pulled them over and searched the vehicle. Thousands of dollars were found in the suspect’s car, as well as stuffed down the pants of the female suspect, according to Capt. Kemp.

The three suspects are being held in jail at Pevely and have been booked on suspicion of drug possession.

Steven Blomquist




I was born in Logan, Utah on February 23, 1988. I grew up in Holladay, Utah, where I attend Olympus High graduating in 2006. Growing up I was very activity and still am. I also love spending time with family and friends. I played football and lacrosse while in high school but also enjoy basketball, snowboarding and wake-boarding.

Following high school I served an LDS mission in the Canada Toronto East Mission, under Tad R. Callister, from November of 2006 through December of 2008.

Currently a student at the University of Utah studying mass communication focusing on the strategic communication sequence. I planning on graduating in 2012 and then attend graduate school.

Morgan Heath



Morgan Heath

322 H Street
Salt Lake City, Utah

University of Utah 2009-present
Majoring in Mass Communication
Lone Peak High School Graduate 2009


Retail Manager of Journeys Kidz 2010- present

Fashion Coordinator of Invisible Children Fundraising Event-2009

Sales Associate of Head Over Heels- 2008-2009

Secretary of Firehouse Car Wash and Detail 2006-2008

Other Skills:
Computer:  Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Programming


I’m a 20-year-old student currently stuck somewhere in between a sophomore and a junior at the University of Utah.  I’m majoring in mass communication with a emphasis in public relations. I’m a hardworking, busy college student who is constantly out to try new things. News writing was an exciting way to explore new ways of writing. News writing allows me to think freely and research new topics. On top of being a full time student, I also work full time as  a manager for a retail company. If I’m not at school you will find me at the workplace managing my store. I live a very busy but yet fulfilling life and enjoy every minute of it!

Rachel Thomas



Rachel Thomas
15 West Oak Drive ▪ Woodland Hills, Utah 84653
(801) 722-9890 ▪



•    Currently studying at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, Expected Graduation – April 2013
•    Diploma, Spanish Fork High School, Spanish Fork, Utah, May 2009

Recognition and Awards:

•    Graduated high school with high honors maintaining a 3.80 cumulative GPA.
•    Made Dean’s List throughout the 2009 and 2010 school years at University of Utah.
•    President of Health Occupation Students of America.
•    Selected as High School Academic All Star.

•    Selected as All Star at High School Cheer camps for two consecutive years; an award given only to two cheerleaders in each squad.
Job Experience:
Central Utah Stars    Salem, UT
Dance Teacher
August 2007 – July 2009
•    Job requirements included teaching students proper technique, and keeping a group involved and motivated
•    I was also required to be punctual and come prepared each time with a lesson plan.

Phoenix Energetics     Spanish Fork, UT

Vice President of Company
Business Product Labeler
August 2003 – August 2005
•    Job requirements included labeling explosives, creating spreadsheets, and organizing shipping orders.
•    I was taught to meet deadlines, and to perform fast and efficient work.

Judge Memorial High School    Salt Lake City, UT
Head Cheer Coach
April 2009- Present
•    Job requirements include provide training to high school students in cheerleading, organize schedules, plan events, and deal with the needs of students and their parents.


University of Utah
April 2009 – Present
•    Was among the nine cheerleaders selected from a group of sixty applicants during the try-out process.
•    Have significant experience training high school cheerleaders through a variety of safety clinics.
•    Able to juggle various responsibilities in cheerleading and school and have maintained a 3.75 GPA while being selected for the Dean’s List.

Spanish Fork High School
April 2007 – April 2009
•    As Competition Caption, oversaw routines used for a variety of multi-squad competitions, worked with coaches to improve routines, and trained other members of squad when needed.
•    Choreographed multiple routines used during performances while working as squad’s Half-time Coordinator.
•    Organized as Song Leading Captain to ensure efficiency and preparation during games, competitions and other performances.
•    Song leading team was Division Champions for both years of participation.

Various Dance Studios
September 2000 – April 2009
•    Learned dance fundamentals which have been used to excel in both high school and college dance/cheer programs.
•    Choreographed several solo and group routines used during performance and competition. Taught dancers the routines choreographed.
•    Took advantage of many opportunities to teach and train other members of dance teams.


Rob Gramse (Coach)
University of Utah Cheer Coach
981 Mogul Peak Rd. #g303
Midvale, UT 84047
(801) 243-9750

Mckenzie Beck (Supervisor)
Central Utah Stars Dance Instructor
High school Cheer Advisor
Central Utah Stars
576 W. SR 198
Salem, UT 84653
(801) 310-6130

Alissa Degreef (Captain)
University of Utah’s Head Cheerleader
11988 So. Genova Drive
Draper, UT 84020
(801) 864-6889


My name is Rachel Lynn Thomas, and I grew up in Woodland Hills, Utah. I am a 21-year-old junior at the University of Utah. While attending Spanish Fork High School I made the University of Utah cheerleading squad, which made my decision of which college to attend a lot easier.

After researching many occupations and interviewing different sources I finally decided to major in strategic communication. After I graduate I plan to use my degree to enter the public relation field.

Lyndsay Frehner



  • Objective
  • To obtain a position that will allow me to work in an uplifting environment while learning new skills and attend school to the point that I can effectively influence both places.
  • Experience
  • University of Utah Registrar’s Office                                   03/2011 to present
  •   As an employee of the Registrar’s office, I work in the Transcript and Verification division.  I am required to keep up on all the daily requests that come in.
  •   My tasks include: processing all window verification and transcript requests, online verifications, answering the telephones, and helping the students that come to the window during my assigned time.
  • Southern Utah University Housing                                         05/2009 – 07/2010
  •  As a member of the SUU Housing team, I was required to be on time every day.  We were entreated to keep the residence halls clean, safe, comfortable, and a fun environment for the guests and residents.
  •  My daily tasks were to clean an assigned area and provide the best cleaning possible for the residents.  As part of the Housing staff, I worked with many people on a daily basis.  We were a tight knit group and more often than not we depended upon others to get their job done so we could accomplish ours.
  • Southern Utah University Public Safety                                    08/2008- 04/2009
  •  While working for the Public Safety department on campus, I was required to log my own hours each day that I worked.  I also was responsible for turning in the paper work for the tickets that were written
  •  The main task of working for the Public Safety Office was ticket writing.  I was to make sure that the cars in the various parking lots had the designated permits to be parked there.
  • Days Remembered Flower Shoppe    05/2006- 08/2008
  •   While working at the flower shop, I was required to oversee the front desk area.
  •   My duties were: answering the phone, greeting customers, upkeep of the store front displays, placing different orders, and basic janitorial duties in the back room where most flower work took place.
  • Education
  • University of Utah     08/2010
  • I am currently attending the University of Utah.  I am studying meteorology.  After graduating from the University of Utah, I hope to work for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the Hurricane Center.
  • Southern Utah University    08/2008- 05/2010
  • I attended Southern Utah University for two years.  While attending this college, I worked on completing many general education requirements.  These requirements helped to be farther progressed when I transferred to the University of Utah.
  • Skills
  • I am a highly motivated person who does not require constant supervision and telling what to do.  I look for things to do when my job is finished.  I am also very organized and like to have everything in its place before finishing a task.  Being punctual is very important to accomplish the tasks that need to be done.  I am also willing to learn and do any job that others would not be open to.


I grew up in Las Vegas, Nev., and moved to a small town at the age of 15.  After attending Southern Utah University for two years I transferred to the University of Utah.  I am a junior studying atmospheric sciences.  My dream job would be to work for the National Hurricane Center and study the clouds that develop in hurricanes.  Hooray!

Kaitlyn Christensen



Kaitlyn Bonita Christensen
462 University Street Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

Work History

Oct 2011    Marketing Coordinator (Internship) 
to                Christensen Coins
Present        West Jordan, UT

Jul 2010        Office Manager
to                  Mountain View Foot Clinic
Present         Salt Lake City, UT

Jan 2010         Cashier / Customer Service
to                    Menlove Toyota and Scion
Jul 2010          Bountiful, UT


Aug 2009       University of Utah
to                   Salt Lake City, UT
Present          Major: Communications
Minor: Business Management

Aug 2006    Copper Hills High School
to        West Jordan, UT
Jun 2009    High School Diploma

•    Member of the Alpha Chi Omega Sorority
-Vice President Membership Development
•    Member of Talk I’ll Listen
•    Volunteer at Jordan Valley Medical Center


Steven Royall D.P.M.        (801)262-1172
Annie Schank     Asst. Manager    (801)957-1286

Software/System Skills
Well versed in Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, and Outlook


I am currently a junior at the University of Utah studying strategic communication with a minor in business management. I have no clue what I plan on doing when I graduate next spring, but I am excited for life’s journey and where it will take me.

I have lived in Utah my whole life, but I hope after college that I get the opportunity to travel and explore the world. I currently work as the marketing coordinator for Christensen Coins. It has given me the opportunity to meet people, travel and do something that I am interested in.

I am adventurous, passionate and dedicated when it comes to things I am dedicated to. I work hard to play hard in the end.

I am a diehard Ute and Jazz fan. You will find me watching every game. I enjoy watching movies, dancing, laughing and the company of my family and friends.

Meish Roundy


Work Experience:
Booking trips, working retail, Moab Adventure Center, Moab, Utah: From April 2011-August 2011
Banquet Server, Captain, Temple Square Hospitality, Salt Lake City, Utah:  June 1st 2010-Current Position
Paper Route, Newspaper Agency, Salt Lake City, Utah: October 2007-May 2008
East High School, Diploma, Salt Lake City, Utah: Sept. 2003-June 2007
General Studies, Brigham Young University, Salt Lake City/ Provo Utah: June 2010- April 2011
Mass communication major at University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah: Sept.2007-December 2007, Aug. 2011- current student.
Special Skill”s
Enjoy Working with People
Fluent in Hungarian
Hard worker
Membership / Affiliations:
Served an LDS Mission to Hungary from December 2007-May 2009


I am a 22-year-old Salt Lake City native studying at the University of Utah. I am currently a mass communication major. I enjoy writing short stories and drawing.

Mitchell Talbot Waite



Mitchell Waite
804 E 2075 S
Bountiful, UT 84010
Phone: 801-809-0830

•    My scholarly pursuits in life are many.  The most far-reaching goal I have for myself is to earn a degree in MASS communications.
•    I relish the task of writing and doing it in many different genres and settings.
•    I love to take on tasks or projects and find my abilities properly tested at the college level.
•    I’m constantly seeking new challenges and love to take a wide variety of classes.
•    I can meet deadlines and organize and prioritize my tasks to ensure that they get done in the most efficient way.
•    Another strength that I have is the ability to go above and beyond the call of duty and I am very influential in my classes.  I love to help and work with other students.  Writing is an art form and helping others discover that is what I do well.
•    I have a knack for easily communicating and interacting with other people.
•    I manage myself well in problem solving situations and am always eager to help team members in similar situations.
•    Knowledge and success are very important to me.

2002    – 2005  Hampton Inn  Woodscross, UT
While working for the Hampton inn, my job experience up to that point was limited. However, through my time there I was able to develop the ability to communicate with customers and not stress in problem solving settings.  Another important job I had was to tend the front desk and help guests with any needs they had.  Many times these needs led me to go above and beyond and ensure quality customer service in a hotel setting.

2005 – 2008   Farmers Insurance  Salt Lake City, UT
Customer Service Rep
The most important task I had during my tenure with Farmers Insurance was ensuring that customers understood the comparing prices of other insurance companies and what they could do to save on money with our insurance company.  I learned to be patient with the customer, especially while helping them try to understand unfamiliar terms and complex policies.  Farmers insurance really taught me how to speak in a way that made even the most difficult information could be understood.

2006 – 2008 LDS Church New Jersey

2008 – Present

Usana Health Sciences
I have been working at Usana Health Sciences for about three years now.  They have trained me in many facilities, and I currently work as a Distributor Service Spanish trainer within the company.  My education has grown immensely at Usana since they offer a tuition reimbursement program; this service has allowed me the liberty of pursuing my education.

I help out and train the Spanish Usana distributors so I continue to sharpen my skills of the language.  Even in my current position I have been involved in a lot of critical writing situations that I have handled very well.  It has expanded my ability to write and communicate, especially pertaining to all things Usana.  I have been given many opportunities to polish my skill and passion of writing.

For two years I provided service to my church and moved to New Jersey to assist the Spanish community there.  While engaging in this volunteer work, I learned to be selfless and help people who were in dismal situations.  Also I was able to learn the Spanish language which has proven useful while working for Usana.  I have in turn been able to utilize these skills in my professional life since returning in 2008.


I am currently a sophomore at the University of Utah.  I am 24 and a communication student.  I transferred to the U. of U. in August 2011 from Salt Lake Community College in order to further study communication.

My experience in communication has been a positive one thus far.  I am gaining more and more knowledge in the subject.

I am open to new ideas and people and when put to a task, can accomplish it with the up most efficiency.  I want to expand my education and become the best at what I do.  I am always seeking ways to set new goals and surpass new horizons.

Marquis Newman



Marquis Newman
West Valley City, UT 84128


High School Diploma 2010 from Cyprus High School, Magna UT
Currently attending the University of Utah and undecided on a major


Has taught at basketball camps from 2007-2011
Has gone to Elementary Schools to teach students importance of exercising from 2007-2010.


Worked at United Parcel Service for 1 year from 2010 to 2011
I currently work at Nordstrom Rack since November 2011


I am a 20-year-old student currently enrolled at the University of Utah. I am in the process of deciding what major I want to pursue in the field of communication. I have a high interest in investigative journalism, broadcast journalism and sports reporting. I am a huge sports fan and love basketball, football, baseball, UFC, boxing and the Olympics. I want to eventually work for a major sports network.  I would love to be on Sportscenter one day as an anchor or analyst.

Alexander Goff



Alex Goff


High school diploma, Murray High School.  Murray, Utah
Currently attending the University of Utah for a degree in Mass Communication, Public Relations.


Head of Sigma Phi Epsilons’ Philanthropy events and projects for Fall Semester 10′
“Big Brother” events in Scottsdale, Arizona for the Summer of 09′
Taught preschool for two weeks in Cape Town, South Africa with International Student Volunteers Summer 11′


Host at Mimi’s Café for 6 months from October 2007 to March 2008
Senior Account Manager at Discover Card from July 2008 to December 2009
Mental Health Worker at Cottonwood Treatment from July 2010 to June 2011


I am a 21-year-old student currently enrolled at the University of Utah.  I’m in the process of pursuing a degree in broadcast journalism.  I want to eventually work in the sports broadcasting field and am about to start an internship with 1280 the Zone which will hopefully get my foot in the door.

Michael Jordan was and always will be a better basketball player than Kobe Bryant.

Kade Kevin Sybrowsky



Kade Kevin Sybrowsky

Seeking a job I can serve the company and help out in any way that I can.

Salesman- Employed by Nivek Metal artwork  2005-Current
Helping sale artwork at various art shows across the western United States.
Temporary Worker- Employed by DMBA 2009-2010
Going through old claims and making sure that they are in the company database.
Videographer- University of Utah Athletics 2010-2011
Shot video at all the major sports for the University of Utah.
Graduate Assistant-University of Utah Athletics Video Department   2011- Current
Shot video and highlights at sporting events. Make highlight videos using final cut pro.
Community Service:
MDA Summer Camp: 2010-2011
Volunteer working with a child for a week.

Olympus High School         2006-2009

University of Utah               2009-Present
Majoring in Mass Communication.


My name is Kade Sybrowsky. I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, and have made the long distance move to attend the University of Utah. I am currently majoring in mass communication and hope to receive a degree. I attended Olympus High School and played on the baseball team. I wasn’t very good but I loved every minute of it. My dream was to play baseball for a living but since my skills have dwindled I would love to pursue a career writing for a team. I’m not picky but would really only like to write for the Oakland Athletics.

Scott Stuart


To gain work experience for a legal career in the sports industry.
University of Utah                                                                                     Salt Lake City, UT
Bachelor of Science in Communication                                             Graduation: May 2012
Sport Management Minor
Business Management Minor
Relevant Coursework
Strategic Communication Theory and Practice                                                      Grade: A
Created advertisements and wrote press releases to promote people, products, and events.
Principles of Public Speaking                                                                                 Grade: A
Developed skills for effective oral presentations.
Analysis of Argument                                                                                             Grade: A
Analyzed persuasion through the structure of successful argument
Wrote research paper on the how the NHL should its future: majority of
thesis has since happened in the NHL or is being discussed by NHL
Canyons Resort (November 2009 – March 2010)                                            Park City, UT
Snowboard Instructor
Park City Mountain Resort (December 2008 – March 2009)                             Park City, UT
Snowboard Instructor
Willoughby, Stuart & Bening, Inc.  (August 2006 – August 2008)                    San Jose, CA
Office Manager’s Assistant
Honors and Activities
Sigma Chi Fraternity: 2007 – present
President’s Education Award 2007
CCS Scholar Athlete (Water Polo): 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006
Varsity Team Captain: 2006


I am a 23-year-old undergraduate student in my final year at the University of Utah. I am completing a Bachelor of Science in Speech Communication with emphasis in Argumentation & Conflict. I am also completing minors in Business and Recreation with a focus on Sport Management. My goal is to take my education further so that I may one day practice law as an agent. I am in the process of applying to law schools for the upcoming Fall.

I am an avid sport fan and enthusiast that enjoys snowboarding and skiing and playing hockey and soccer. My home resort is Northstar-at-Tahoe, and I am a current season pass holder at Park City Mountain Resort. I learned to ski at the age of 4 and converted to snowboarding about 11 years ago and have done both ever since. I combined work with my passion for the snow in the past as an snowboard instructor for both Park City Mountain Resort and Canyons. As far as hockey goes, I grew up playing and am an avid San Jose Sharks fan. I often try to incorporate my love for the game with my academics and future career. I have dedicated much of my studies into learning, lecturing and writing about the business side to the game.

I enjoy writing and enrolled in the newswriting course as an elective. I hoped to further develop my overall writing ability and to advance my ability to write concisely. It has been a fun and entertaining learning experience.

Montana L. Peterson



I’m a career motivated hospitality student with excellent client and public relations skills who seeks a position in the industry to further advance my knowledge and career.
University of Utah Dean List Student, 3.78 GPA                               August 2010 – Present
•    Parks, Recreation, and Tourism major emphasizing in Hospitality.
•    Mass Communications major emphasizing in Strategic Communications.
•    Business minor
Work Experience:
Event Hostess, Red Butte Gardens, Salt Lake City, UT,                      June 2011 – Present
•    In charge of coordinating event components.
•    Responsible for event set up and clean up.
•    Ensures client satisfaction.
Camp Counselor, Basin Recreation, Park City, UT,                       June 2009 – August 2011
•    Provided youth tennis instruction.
•    Responsible for the management and scheduling of camp activities.
•    Promoted a positive and active environment for children.
Production Assistant, Peak Productions, Salt Lake, UT,                                       April 2011
•    Assisted in production of the event.
•    Set up silent auction and executed event logistics.
Production Assistant, Foundation for a Better Life, Salt Lake, UT,              June 2010-2011
•    Assisted in managing the on set activity for the commercial production.
•    Worked closely with the producer, director and production team.
•    Responsible for communication between departments.
•    Microsoft Office Suite Word | Excel | PowerPoint | Outlook | Access
•    Film set management
Service and Organizations:
Active Member of the Pi Beta Phi Social Philanthropic Sorority,                Fall 2010-Present
•     Taking part in fundraising, volunteer work, networking, practiced communication.
Fundraised for the World of Difference Organization,                                          2007-2011
•    Active participant in raising funding to help build schools in Kenya, Africa.
Adviser for Builders Club                                                                                    2009-2010
•    Organized and led a group of Ecker Hill International School Students in Community Aid Projects.


My name is Montana Peterson. I am a 19-year-old University of Utah student double-majoring in communication and recreation.  I am also working on completing a Business minor.  I am taking classes to pursue a career in public relations or in event coordinating.

I am currently holding a position in my philanthropic sorority as the communication chair. I am very passionate about communication and eager to learn more as I continue through school.  I am a very driven person and have high expectations for myself.

I am from Park City, Utah, and enjoy taking full advantage of all that Utah has to offer.  I love participating in the Sundance film festival, hiking in the mountains and playing tennis.  Although I love staying local,I also am an avid traveler who is fascinated with learning about different cultures. After I have completed school and graduate, I hope to get the opportunity to travel more.

Connor Wallace


Objective    I am seeking a job to gain experience in journalism as well as a great environment in order to hone my writing skills.


AAA Barricade
Laborer for traffic control, summer 2011
Supervisor:  Mario Tuttle, Maintainer for traffic control

Noodles & Company
Journey leader, cashier and customer service, December 2009-present
Supervisor:  Jessica Miner, Store manager

Principle Lawn Care
Lawn mower and general landscaping, summer of 2009.
Supervisor:  David Martineau, Owner and manager

Dollar Tree
Cashier and shelf stocker, November 2008-end of December 2008
Supervisor:  Gary, Store manager
Lindsey Burns, Assistant manager
Location:  5600 South Redwood Road, 801-969-9313

New Concept Furniture
Furniture mover and driver, April 2008-end of August 2008
Supervisor:  Richard Evans, Store manager/owner
Tony, Assistant manager
Location:  5400 South State Street, 801-268-2002

Interests    I enjoy engaging in a plethora of sports, but my favorite is rugby.  I’m playing rugby for the University of Utah at the moment.  I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends, as well as going to school.  I’m studying communications with an emphasis on journalism.  My dream is to one day be a sports broadcaster, specifically a broadcaster reporting on the U.S.A. Eagles, the country’s rugby team.

Education        Murray High School
Graduated in 2008

Salt Lake Community College
Attended concurrently in high school from 2006-2008
Graduated with Associate’s Degree of Science

University of Utah
Attended from 2008-present

References        Jessica Miner        801-359-8315 (work)

Mario Tuttle        801-897-0583 (home)

Scot Wells        801-359-8315 (home)


I am a fourth year student, and I’m still unsure of where I want to go.  When I first entered college studying communication was one of the last things I thought about doing.  I was sure that studying to become a physical therapist was my path; I was wrong.  After taking some of the prerequisites I realized that I didn’t have any passion for the track I was on.

Over the past three years there are only a few things that I am sure of:  I need money, my family and friends are always there for me and I love rugby.  I learned the value of hard work, camaraderie and the importance of being able to adjust to changes from rugby.

My dream job would be to have my own radio or television show where I could talk about sports.  Hopefully rugby will gain the notoriety that it deserves here in the U.S., because the idea of getting up and talking about rugby as a job drives me to make it my reality.

My path may have more twists and turns than I originally anticipated, but I’m excited in the direction I’m heading.

Megan Combe




University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah
Strategic Communication and World Religion Studies

Work Experience:

Faithology, LLC
Director of research
February 2011-present

  • Leading team of four religion scholars in their research and writing
  • Preparing the Faithology website for a January, 2012, launch
  • Creation of strategies for outlining, reviewing, peer-editing, and publication process of all non-biased religion research


I am enrolled at the University of Utah, working to complete my degree in strategic communication and world religion studies. I work as the director of research at Faithology, an online encyclopedia of world religions, and I have been fortunate enough to pursue my passion for this company while obtaining a degree. As Albert Einstein once said, “I never let my schooling interfere with my education.” In my free time, I enjoy attending University of Utah football games and running.

Kent Ava



Kent S. Ava
12058 S. Mayan St. Riverton, UT 84096
(801) 413-9701

Qualification Summary
To obtain applicable skills and additional experience in the world of Public Relations/Marketing field, while utilizing gained ability to help achieve creative
success in the near future.


  • University of Utah Bachelors of Science mass communication/strategic communication Aug 2011-Aug 2012
  • Salt Lake Community College associates of science/speech communication Aug 2009-May 2011
  • West High School General Diploma Aug 1996-June 1999

Relevant Coursework and Training

  • Absolute Communications
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • News Writing

Skills and Abilities

  • Motivated
  • Enthusiastic
  • Proactive
  • Creative

Professional Memberships/Affiliations
Fort Douglas Military Museum
Public Relations and Marketing Liaison Internship 2011-2012

Salt Lake Community College Clubs & Organizations
Board Member and Liaison 2010-2011

Salt Lake Community College Clubs & Organizations
Liaison for Collegiate DECA 2010-2011

The Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints
Volunteer Missionary 2000-2002

Employment History

Start up Specialist
Mentors of America
American Fork, Utah
Mar 07 to July09
Guide and facilitate highly motivated investors through a profile screening process.
Assist investors in planning financial future and goal setting.
Aided investors in positive credit building and debt reduction.

Loader/Customer Service Representative
Lowes Home Improvement
West Valley City, Utah
Assist in unloading of products ready for purchase.
Organize products to specific assigned area.
Deliver customer products in a timely manner.

Sales/ Lawn & Garden Assembler
Sears Grand
West Jordan, Utah
Jan 05 to July 06
Assist customers in deciding products needed for seasonal work and labor.
Prepared Lawn and Garden products for customer purchase and floor models.
Organized products to specific area.

References Available Upon Request


My name is Kent Ava and I’m currently a junior studying mass communication with an emphasis in strategic communication and I love Kung Fu Movies…

Avery Mills




University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah
August 2008 – Present

Brighton High School
Cottonwood Heights, Utah
August 2005 – June 2008

Work Experience:

Classroom Assistant
University of Utah Early Childhood Education Center
September 2009 – Present
Responsibilities include: Assisting the lead teacher as she carries out her lesson plans; serving snack and marking the point of service forms; monitoring children both inside the classroom and out on the playground; completing the daily cleaning tasks as indicated by lead teacher; interacting with parents and assisting with any concerns or questions they might have; picking up school age children from the bus stop; locking up at the end of the day and making sure everything is ready for the next day.

Preston, England
April 2011 – August 2011
Responsibilities included: Caring for two children, ages 4 and 1, while their parents worked during the day. Also included light housekeeping, such as cleaning the kids rooms and bathroom; kids laundry and vacuuming.

Front Desk Receptionist
Richards, Kimball & Winn P.C.
June 2007 – August 2007
Responsibilities included: Greeting clients as they entered the office and directing them as needed; answering phones and routing them as necessary; typing, copying and filing various forms of paperwork; sending, collecting and delivering mail.


I was born in Torrance, California on April 22, 1990 to Mike and Lisa Mills. Shortly after turning 2, my family moved out to Sandy, Utah and I’ve lived there ever since. I have three sisters between the ages of 19 – 14, one brother who just turned 5 and a Border collie mix named Annie. So needless to say, my house can get pretty crazy sometimes.

Attending the University of Utah was pretty much a given from the time I was born. My mom has always been a huge fan of Utah athletics, especially basketball, and she passed that down to me, although I prefer football and am a proud member of the MUSS.

I am currently on the path of majoring in Strategic Communication and hope to get a job working in Public Relations that somehow relates to college athletics after graduating.

Elysia Yuen


Elysia Yuen
3688 Buckeroo Cir. Magna, UT 84044
Home: (801) 250-4448    Cell: (801) 860-6729

University of Utah, SLC, UT
Expected Graduation December 2012
Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications
Salt Lake Community College, SLC,UT Dec 2007
Associate of Science in General Studies, GPA: 3.88

Microsoft Office: Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher
Type 70 Words Per Minute
Adobe Reader, Photoshop
Strong Interpersonal & Customer Service Skills

International Student Ambassador University of Utah, SLC, UT
Aug 2011 – present
SLCCSA Board Member, SLC, UT
Aug 2006-May 2008
(Salt Lake Community College Student Association)
Duties: Implement and organize Public Relations Program to
design multi-media projects for student organizations,
provide technical resources for other team members,
advertise for community educational activities
SLCC Constitution Revision Representative, SLC, UT
March 2008-April 2008
Duties: Propose amendments for government elections and student
Computer Synergy Club Vice President, SLC, UT
Sept 2007-May 2008
Duties: Organize program to provide computer tutoring for students

Global Health Scholars Participant and Volunteer
Sept 2009-present
Utah Legal Services Family Law Clinic Volunteer, SLC, UT
Sept 2008-Dec 2008
Duties: Oversee event details and instructions
Salt Lake Community College, SLC, UT
Aug 2006-Jan 2008
Student Government Leadership Conference Participant
NASCO Conference Participant, San Francisco, CA
Oct 2007
National Association for Student Clubs and Organizations for
organization management, activism, and diverse relations
Utah Cultural Celebration Volunteer, SLC, UT
Jan 2008-April 2008
Duties: Assist in implementing community events

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Missionary
July 2009-Feb 2011
University of Utah College of Social and Behavioral Science Honor Roll
University of Utah Honors Student
BACCHUS Network Certificate, Denver, CO                             
Sept 2007
(Certified Peer Educator Program for Leadership & Communication)
President’s List Salt Lake Community College Honor Roll      

Concession Stand Lead, Levy Restaurants, Sandy, UT                  
June 2011 – present
Computer Sales Representative, University Bookstore, SLC, UT          
Aug 2008-June 2009
Receptionist, Physician Office, SLC, UT                 
May 2008-Aug 2008
Office Specialist, Thayne Center, SLC, UT                      
Sept 2007-May 2008
Community School Teacher, Salt Lake City School District, SLC, UT     
Jan 2007-Sept 2007
Customer Service Agent, Alorica Inc., Magna, UT                    
Aug 2006-Nov 2006


I am working towards a Bachelor of Art in mass communication at the University of Utah and am pursuing a career in the public relations sector.  My ambition is to work for a non-profit organization after graduation in December 2012.

Being an outgoing and friendly person has enabled me to work independently and in a team environment to accomplish tasks in an organizational manner. Evidence of these skills are portrayed by obtaining an Associate of Science degree, serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, consistently gaining honors recognition for academics and being involved with student government, the Global Health Scholars at the U. of U., the Girl Scouts of Utah and various community organizations.

I will be writing for ‘Lessons’ magazine for the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence at the U.

Elizabeth Averill Briggs



  • Elizabeth Averill Briggs1444 East 1700 South Salt Lake City, Utah 84105                                                                                                                                    Phone: 435-901-3241 elizabethaverill@gmail.comObjective:Seeking a job in a competitive environment where I can demonstrate my leadership qualities, competitiveness, and work ethics. My ability to work well with others as well as interact with the public is an important qualification, which I possess.


    University of Utah 2010-Present

    School of Communication

    Expected graduation in 2013 with a double major in Strategic Communication and international studies with a minor in arts and technology and Spanish.

    GPA: 3.5

    Chapman University       2009-2010 Dodge School of Film: Public Relations and          Advertising

    Park City High School      2005-2009

    Related Coursework

    Introduction to Public Relations 101              Introduction to News Writing

    Introduction to Business                                Introduction to the Digital Arts

    Theories of Persuasion                                  Media and Pop Culture

    Public Speaking                                            Introduction to Film Photography

    Anthropology: Human Experience                Visual Communication


    Honest Tea Road Warrior Intern 05/2011-Present

    Salt Lake City, Utah

    –        A full time Honest Tea employee acting as an ambassador for the brand by promoting, executing events, guerilla marketing, demos and learning new/innovated marketing tactics.

    –         Hands on experience of being the face of the brand to the consumer

    –        Gained experience on how a new organic beverage works in the beverage industry

    –        Obtained a better understanding of marketing and conducting business

    –        Hours: 40 hours a week

    –        Resources:                                                                                                                                                                 Regional Marketing Manager – Swire: Corbett Simon                                                                                              Cell: 801-230-9818 Email:


    Park City Freestyle Ski Team Coach 5/2010-Present

    Park City, UT.

    –        Located at the Utah Olympic Sports Park and Park City Mountain Resort, with the responsibility to oversee athlete’s progression in skiing and overall safety.

    –        Worked with all ages and personalities to motivate, set goals, and push athletes to succeed in an effective way.

    Resources:        Park City Freestyle: Mick Berry (435)-640-8752          Fly Freestyle: Tim Preston (435)-513-1660

    Hapa Grill               12/2010-04/2011

    Park City, UT.

    –        Hostess

    Resources:         Restaurant Manager: Sean (301)-992-7829

    Rosenhill-Tragard Farm   7/2010

    World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

    Stockholm, Sweden

    A summer spent working on an organic farm to pay for room and board while studying organic farming to learn about how to be a sustainable and resourceful human being.

    Sundance Film Festival 1/2010

    Wii Fitness game instructor

    – Educated societies elite about wii fitness and the benefits that go along with it.

     Sahara Sun Tanning Salon   7 /2008-1/2009

    Park City, UT.

    -Salon Receptionist

    -Over-saw salon

    Resources:          Manager: Ali Knudsen (435)-901-3180

    Park Meadows Country Club 5/2006-8/2008

    Park City, UT.

    –        Pool Waitress



    Spain Study Abroad 6/2007

    San Sebastian, Spain

    Studied abroad for a summer to develop fluency in Spanish

    -Through living with a Bask host family, adjusting to cultural differences were met and classes were    taken in a local university for four hours a day.


    2010 CPR and First Aid Certified

    Honors and Awards

    Chapman University and University of Utah Deans Scholar



Growing up in Park City, Utah, could not have been a more ideal childhood. With the Wasatch mountain range acting as a big playground, I was able to seek any adventure. After years of various winter sports, I began freestyle mogul skiing, and that is where the real adventure began. By the time I was 15, I was traveling and competing throughout the United States and Canada on the North American Freestyle Tour. Training five days a week and traveling six weeks out of the year to compete became a conflict with school. However, with my long absences I was still able to balance my passion for skiing with school to maintain  a strong GPA. I credit my skiing career as the reason for diligence in my life. It allowed me to accomplish my goals and believe in myself in whatever it is I do.

I was raised with the principle that travel is the ultimate education, and because of this I have been able to travel the world and interact with different cultures, giving me an open attitude towards life. With these experiences I feel that I am able to communicate with all types of people and handle life’s unexpected hurdles with ease. I find that each time I travel I become increasingly aware of the most minute of things, almost seeking an ethnographic experience, whether this is picking up a few words in the language or blindly ordering off of the menu in hopes of trying something new. I am constantly trying to step past the stereotype of a white-sneakered, fanny-pack-wearing American who follows a guide and a precise itinerary, to instead find the heart of the city where the real culture lies.

Brenda Mandujano



Brenda Mandujano

1614 Mandalay Rd
Salt Lake City, UT 84116
(801) 608-7766

•    University of Utah 2007-present
Working on a Mass Communication Degree with a minor in Business
Expected graduation date 2013

•    HBSA (Hispanic Business Student Association) Utah Chapter
Secretary, January 2009- December 2009

Food Service, Costco Wholesaler, Salt Lake City, UT             April 2008- present
•    Train new employees
•    Set-up and create daily production
•    Team leadership
•    Customer service
•    Count daily cash flow
•    Assist with member complaints

Secretary, A.W. Marshall, Salt Lake City, UT                       May 2007- April 2008
•    Checked and created a log of earnings for the day
•    Revised bank statements and compared with company records
•    Took care of credits and debits

Picker, A.W. Marshall, Salt Lake City, UT                       May 2007- April 2008
•    Pulled orders and got them ready to ship
•    Supervised other employees
•    Motivated others to work at a faster pace

Other Skills
Computer: Excel, PowerPoint, Word, SKU’s
Language: Fluent in Spanish


I am a 22-year-old student currently enrolled at the University of Utah. Majoring in mass communication with a minor in business, I plan to graduate May 2013.

I juggle working full-time, being a student and a mother. This is my fifth year in college only because I do not want to take on more than I can chew.

Although it is taking me longer to graduate than anticipated, I will not give up until I reach my goal of being the first in my family with a college degree. I do not know exactly where life is taking me, but I know that with a college degree it will be easier to get there.

Lacy Jamison



Lacy R. Jamison

1273 E. Bridle Trail Rd.
Draper, Ut. 84020
(801) 647-0015
(801) 572-6033

Obtain knowledge and experience in the journalism field to improve my skills in writing, interviewing, communications, meeting deadlines and learning the proper copying and editing processes.


Juan Diego Catholic High School
Date of Graduation: May 2010
Honors and Awards: Honor Roll throughout high school, Departmental Awards in Television Production and Broadcast Journalism; Departmental Award of        Extraordinary Accomplishments in French throughout high school

University of Utah
Pursuing a degree in Journalism

Work Experience:
Sales Associate-Bath & Body Works
(801) 571-3738
October 2010-Present
Work in customer service, sales, cashiering, shipment processing and cleaning

Secretary-Insurance Plus Agency
(801) 566-8092
June 2009-August 2009
Work in answering phone calls, making copies, gathering files and scheduling   appointments

Server-Red Mango
(801) 676-5333
June 2008-August 2008
Work in customer service, serving frozen yogurt, cashiering and cleaning the facility

•    Fast learner
•    Proficient in Microsoft Word, Pages, PowerPoint and Keynote
•    Determined to excel in all areas of journalism
•    Very personable
•    Experience in broadcast journalism
•    Goal and task oriented
•    Work well with others
•    Skills in customer service

Excellent references upon request.


When I was growing up, I was desperate to know everything. Every time my mom or dad did something, I had to know why. Every secret that I learned someone was withholding from me gave me the greatest desire to get the true facts. I wanted knowledge and I wanted to learn about extraordinary people.

When I was in eighth grade, I decided to take a journalism course as one of my electives. I loved the teacher and she taught me that writing could actually be fun. I went on a field trip that year to tour a local news studio and watch a behind-the-scenes production of its morning broadcast television. I immediately fell in love with the idea of working in such an interesting environment that catered to my nosy personality.

After realizing I wanted to possibly create a career in journalism, I took classes in my high school’s television production department every year. It was always my favorite part of the day and I loved getting the inside scoops on all of the current news around the school. I loved learning how to edit packages and stories in broadcast television and working in a live studio with the pressure of a time crunch. When it came time to decide what my major would be in college, there was no question that I wanted to study journalism.

I am currently enrolled as a sophomore at the University of Utah. My desire to be a journalist has grown deeper every year as I continue to take classes for it, and I hope to further my experience in the field at every opportunity that may arise.